Heathers, movie filmed in 1988, that it is about three young girls that are mean and very popular and recognized by a lot of people outside too, and the main character, Veronica Saywer wishes to be one of them, and more now, to finish in an amazing way her last year in high school, but finally it didn't end well or as she planned, now she has to solve all the problems she did.

She decides to change her life, starting to hanging out with those three girls, named Heather, then, while she tries to hangout with them, she realizes that they are kind of a bully, which makes her feel so uncomfortable. After a lunch with them she meet Jason Dean, which in only days he becomes her boyfriend, a pshycopath one.

In one night, in a party which she goes out with Heather Chandler, the one who is even more famous than the others, Veronica feels so uncomfortable and Heather too, later they have a little fight while talking and then out main characters starts to have inner wishes to kill her or living a world without her. So she tells her to her new lover and both become partners in crime, killing Heather the next day in the morning.

Later, both plan to kill even more people but in an innocent and a way that no one suspects of them, finally she realizes that he was so damn crazy and decides to break up with him, then he get even more mentally ill and decides to destroy the school with a bomb in an important event, she finally stops him, so he dies.